Ernst Dieter Gilles

Ernst Dieter Gilles Distinguished Seminar Series

The series is named in honor of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Dieter Gilles who played a major role in establishing the field of Systems Biology at the University of Stuttgart.

Ernst Dieter Gilles Distinguished Seminar Series

With this series the SRCSB invites international authorities in Systems and Synthetic Biology to the campus to provide keynote lectures on the latest developments and emerging visions in these areas.

Ernst-Dieter-Gilles Award 2024

Prof. Douglas A. Lauffenburger, MIT

Prof. Lauffenburger will hold the keynote lecture and recieve the Ernst-Dieter-Gilles-Award 2024 at the SRCSB Day on June, 12th 2024.

Prof. Lauffenburger
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