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Technology Platform "Systems Transcriptomics"

State-of-the-art methods for analysis of gene regulation
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The technology platform “Systems Transcriptomics” provides access to state-of-the art methods in the analysis of gene regulation. The current activities are centered around three pilars,

  • Imaging-based analysis of gene expression heterogeneity at the single-cell level by single-molecule FISH and reporter gene assays
  • Genome-wide analysis of global gene expression programs by single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing
  • Bioinfomatic analysis, machine learning and quantitative kinetic modeling of quantitative gene expression data

The platform is scientifically coordinated by the Institute of Biomedical Genetics (Prof. Stefan Legewie, Department of Systems Biology), and involves close interactions with other SRCSB groups and the Cellular Analytics platform.

The spectrum of activities includes training and support in routine methods and analysis pipelines in the context of the three pilars. User support and consultation for independent research projects is provided by Raymond Gosliga and Stefan Legewie. Further activities include the organization of joint seminars/workshops, the establishment of joint teaching modules and the coordination of joint funding applications.

scientists at work


This image shows Stefan  Legewie

Stefan Legewie

Prof. Dr.

Member of the SRCSB Board of Directors

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