Rhodospirillum rubrum

Biological Re-Engineering and Systems Biological Optimization of the Purple Non-sulphur Bacterium, Rhodospirillum rubrum

This project is part of the National Funding Initiative and Research Program

Prof. O. Sawodny
Center Systems Biology
University of Stuttgart

Funding Period:

01.06.2008 - 31.05.2011


Project description:

The photosynthetic, non-sulphur purple bacteria, Rhodospirillum rubrum, due to their high levels of intracytoplasmic membranes (ICM) , are promising organisms for the production  valuable apolar compounds such as carotenoids, Q10 and lipids. As we have developed a special medium, which maximizes the membrane production under dark, semi-aerobic conditions, we have a very good chance produce the preferred products in an efficient way. In this project we optimize the metabolism of the bacteria and the fermentation parameters, by a combination of modelling and experimental design,  to achieve the best yield of carotenoids, as well as maximizing the production of Q10 and valuable lipids. We use also genetic engineering of the endogenous carotenoid biosynthesis pathway genes to produce the industrially relevant carotenoids, lycopene, -carotene, astaxanthin) as primary products. 

R. Ghosh

Institute of Biology (Department of Bioenergetics), CSB, University of Stuttgart (DE)

O. Sawodny, M. Ederer

Institute for System Dynamics, (ISYS), CSB, University of Stuttgart (DE)

H. Grammel

Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg (DE)

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