CRC/Transregio TRR 353

Regulation of cell death decisions

Funding period:

01.10.2023 - 30.06.2027

Project description:

In this consortium, we want to advance our knowledge on how the sensitivity of an individual cell to a cell death-inducing stimulus is regulated, how to qualitatively or quantitatively predict this response from measurable parameters, and how to steer a cell in its death-survival decision and the chosen cell death modality. The work of this consortium will contribute to establishing fundamental principles of cell death decisions in basic biology and human pathology.

Subproject B06 (Subproject leader Prof. M. Morrison, Stuttgart):

Investigation of decision-making processes between ferroptosis and apoptosis

The permeabilization of the outer mitochondrial membrane by the BCL-2 family is not only a critical process in intrinsic apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane alterations also appear to be essential in ferroptosis induction. This project will investigate how mitochondrial apoptosis induction by BH3 mimetics interacts with the ferroptosis signaling pathway. By specifically mapping the signaling pathways, we will further investigate to what extent the sublethal activation of both cell death signaling pathways synergistically induces the decision to cell death.



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Project coordination

Markus Morrison

Prof. Dr.

Director of the SRCSB

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