Completed Projects

List of completed projects at SRCSB


  • E10960-CellSenseGels
    Using peptide hydrogel technology as a 3D matrix to develop a robust sensitive platform for measurements of molecular kinetics

  • Melanoma Sensitivity
    Aims to elucidate mechanisms of therapy-resistance of melanoma and to identify combinatorial systems biomarkersy

    Holistic Multi-Scale Modeling of Targeted Protein Therapeutics Action: Towards Predicting Effective Treatment of Cancer

  • RecogNice
    Modeling Regulations of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen in Large-Scale Processes with E.coli

    Standardization and orthogonalization of the gene expression flow for robust engineering of NTN (new-to-nature) biological properties

  • RoBoYeast
    Robustness of Yeast Strains and Bioprocesses for Industrial Production of Novel Compounds

  • DFG InKoMBio
    Information and communication theory in molecular biology


    First in man study with the selective TNFR1 antagonist ATROSAB and supporting preclinical studies to demonstrate the possible clinical benefit of a selective blockade of the TNFR1

    Biomimetic Matrices for the Development of Autologeous Bone and Cartilage Implants
  • HepatoSys "Virtual Liver"
    BMBF Funding Initiative "Systems of Life - Systemsbiology"

  • DFG "Corynebacterium glutamicum"
  • ImmunoTransporter
    The objective is to develop, improve and optimize immunomodulatory concepts and to overcome their current limitations
  • BMBF NanoGuide
  • SysMo "PSYSMO"
    Systems analysis of process-induced stresses: towards a quantum increase in performance of Pseudomonas putida as the cell factory of choice for white biotechnology
  • SUMO
    Systems Understanding of Microbial Oxygen-Dependant and Independent Catabolism
  • SysTec "Mesenchymal Stem Cells"
    Systems Biology for Tissue Engineering of Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Integrating Novel Experimental Methods and Mathematical Models
    DYNAMO Molecular Dynamics of Membrane Associated Protein Complexes
    Dynamic Modeling of Signaling Networks
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