Modeling Regulation of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen in Large-Scale Processes with E. coli

RecogNice is a BMBF Industrial Project
Funding Period:

01.01.2013 – 30.09.2016

Project description:

It is the goal of the project to address the urgent scale-up problem by profound systems biology studies using E. coli as a relevant model strain. Multi-scale systems biology analysis will be performed focusing on the interplay ofsubstrate-gradient based stimuli and the dynamic metabolic and transcriptional response in the cells. Metabolome, fluxome and transcriptome data will be measured in scaled-down experiments simulating the gradients of the substantial substrates carbon (C-, glucose), nitrogen (N-, ammonia) and oxygen (O-). Quantitative transcript data, based on next generation sequencing will be gathered using diverse E. coli strains for setting-up data-driven metabolic and regulatory models. Based on model predictions novel scale-up criteria e.g. taking into account sensitive regulatory relaxation times of the strains will be derived. Furthermore most prominent reporter genes will be identified to qualify easy-to-measure scale-up impacts in situ, i.e. in real large-scale applications.

Project Partner:
Institute of Biochemical Engineering (IBVT)

Prof. Ralf Takors

Institute of Microbiology (IMB)

Prof. Georg Sprenger

Institute for Systems Dynamics (ISYS)

Prof. Oliver Sawodny

Josef Altenbuchner

Institut für Industrielle Genetik, University of Stuttgart

Georg Sprenger

Institut für Mikrobiologie, University of Stuttgart

Institute for Human Genetics (IMG)


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