PSYSMO: Systems Biology of Microorganisms

Systems analysis of process-induced stresses: towards a quantum increase in performance of Pseudomonas putida as the cell factory of choice for white biotechnology

Funding Period:

2007 – 2010

Project description:

PSYSMO is an international, interdisciplinary effort that integrates functional genomics, bioinformatics and mathematical modeling to develop a systems understanding of a key microbe that serves as a paradigm of metabolically versatile soil bacteria that offer considerable potential for biotechnological applications. The long term goal of the effort will be to link systems biology with synthetic ciology, through cellular re-programming, the in silico reproduction of metabolic sub-entities of industrial importance, the prediction of their behaviour in response to process-relevant internal (e.g. hyperproduction of metabolites/enzymes/polymers) and external (solvent, solute stress) perturbations, and systems-based experimental interventions to achieve quantum increases in process performance in a range of biotechnological applications.

K. Timmis

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (DE)

V. Martins dos Santos

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (DE)

K.-E. Jaeger

University Düsseldorf (DE)

B. Tümmler

Medical School Hannover (DE)

D. Jahn, D. Schomburg

TU Braunschweig (DE)

M. Reuss

University Stuttgart Center Systems Biology (DE)

A. Schmid

University Dortmund (DE)

A. Kremling

Max-Planck Institute Magdeburg (DE)

H. Westerhoff

University Manchester (UK)

E. Pistikopoulos

Imperial College London (UK)

T. McGenity

University Essex (UK)

V. de Lorenzo

CSIC-CNB Madrid (ES)

A. Valencia

CNIO Madrid (ES)

E. Diaz

CSIC Madrid (ES)

CSIC-IboCAT Madrid

CSIC-IboCAT Madrid (ES)

CSIC Granada

CSIC Granada (ES)

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