Prof. Dr. Zhike Zi

SysBio-Talk of Prof. Dr. Zhike Zi - February 15th 2024

February 6, 2024

16:00 CET - Allmandring 31 Lecture Hall 0.106

Systems Biology of TGF-beta Signaling: from Analysis to Control

Cells rely on intricate signaling pathways to perceive and respond
to their surroundings. Among these, the transforming growth
factor-β (TGF-β) pathway stands out as a critical regulator of many
cellular processes, capable of generating context-specific
responses. Although the main components of the TGF-beta
signaling network have been extensively studied, it remains
challenging to predict TGF-β signaling responses across different
cell types and in single cells. In this seminar, I will demonstrate
how the integration of mathematical models with quantitative
experimental data facilitates the prediction of TGF-β pathway
dynamics. Furthermore, I will present our recent work on
exploring the principles governing heterogeneous TGF-β signaling
responses through the implementation of a synthetic,
optogenetically controlled TGF-β signaling system.

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