Dr. Marcel Hörning

SysBio-Talk of Dr. Marcel Hörning - October 16th 2023

October 16, 2023

14:00 CET - Allmandring 31 Lecture Hall 0.106

Mechanosensitive and spatially confined dynamics in biological systems

Many processes in nature are controlled by interactions with the
immediate environment. In biological systems, these interactions
are important to ensure developmental processes and the
maintenance of vital functions. External signals and physical
structures can regulate biological functions of cells. An external
signal can be a stimulus from the environment in molecular or
energetic form. Physical structures, such as surrounding cells,
inorganic materials or even intracellular biomineralized
structures, are mostly in direct contact with cells and may
activate mechanosensitive regulatory mechanisms, and are
crucial to ensure cross-scale biological processes.
In this talk, I will give an overview of biophysical processes in
several scale-spanning mechanosensitive and spatially confined
biological systems, starting from complex tissues down to single
molecular dynamics. I will give insights in how
mechanosensitivity regulates heart tissue and muscle cell
dynamics, how the size, shape and curvature of membranes
dictate the dynamics of signalling lipids, and fundamental
insights in how even single cell organisms use mechanical cues
for the self-ensemble of biomineralized structures.

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