Jun.-Prof. Chengzhe Tian

SysBio-Talk and Inaugural lecture of Jun.-Prof. Chengzhe Tian - February 5th 2024

January 29, 2024

14:00 CET - Allmandring 31 Lecture Hall 0.106

A journey into single-cell heterogeneity and its implications in human diseases

Non-genetic cell-to-cell heterogeneity is ubiquitous and plays a critical role in human diseases. Time-lapse microscopy coupled with fluorescent live-cell reporters enables direct monitoring of pathway activities in single cells over time. It thus serves as an ideal tool to dissect the molecular origins of cell-to-cell heterogeneity and their implications for long-term cell fates, especially in the disease settings. I have worked in this area during the past decade, making contributions in both the experimental and the computational aspects. In my inaugural lecture, I will discuss two of my published studies on mammalian immune signaling and melanoma skin cancer. I will also briefly describe my future research directions during my Junior Professorship.

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