e:Med online seminar series Modeling approaches of disease processes

19. Januar 2022

Thema: Large-scale metabolic models for biomedical research
Sprecher: Prof. Dr. Jan Hasenauer, University of Bonn, Life and Medical Sciences (LIMES) Institute

The seminar series aims to introduce, discuss and compare different mathematical modeling approaches in the field of disease modeling and is open to PhD and master students, postdocs and group leaders in the modeling field.
Weitere Informationen: Emed - PG Modeling of Disease Processes (sys-med.de) 
Organisation: Jana Wolf, Sara Checa, e:Med Project Group Modeling of Disease Processes 
Large-scale metabolic models for biomedical research
Pathway models are powerful tools in modern life sciences. They are based on knowledge of individual biological pathways and can be integrated into large-scale models to capture crosstalk. In this seminar, I will briefly introduce the modeling approach and methods used to create large-scale models. I will then present a large-scale model of cancer signal transduction with thousands of biochemical species and reactions as an example application. Variants of this model have been used for multi-omics analyses in murine model systems and human cell lines. We have developed workflows for parameterization and analysis of these models. I hope to discuss these approaches and future directions.

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